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Bucket List

Updated: May 30, 2019

So, I was asked what was on my bucket list is...well... i don't have one! Because I want to do ALLL of the things! ha ha I don't have specific things that I just HAVE to do! lol I want to do them all.. lol i want to fill a passport book with stamps, travel to every state, and as many countries as possible. I want to backpack through countries, do yoga at every historical building possible lol I want to educate and make the world better, happier and healthier one person at a time.

If i actually made a bucket list it would just be a damn book lol

I've lived in Alaska & worked on a train that toured Alaska everyday, I've danced for and hung out with famous musicians, I've danced for thousands of people on stage, I've traveled across the country with my life in my car lol to go live in Vegas, I've spent time in Costa Rica meeting amazing woman who will forever be a part of me and is also where I surfed for the 1st time! lol that's not even everything and I'm not even almost done... a bucket list?? I'd have to say 1 thing then..

1. experience the world Done, Bucket List created lol

Tell me, What is on your Bucket List?? 🖤🥰🕉🙏

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