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You will receive all materials within 24hours of payment.

Check out my membervault profile to see all the products I have available and to get access to my Free Resources Center and Free Kick The Sugar Habit Workshop.


What types of products are in membervault?

I have challenges, articles, health & wellness tips and tricks, meditations and coaching courses all available either for free or for purchase.

What exactly is membervault?​

Membervault is a profile where I can have all my products and services in one place for you guys to easily find. It also allows YOU to create a profile where all of the products you sign up for or purchase from me can be stored in one place and accessed whenever you want. 

When you sign up you receive 20 EP points and you collect points with every "module"  you complete! (modules are just the products you signup for for free or purchase) As you collect points, free bonus modules open up for you! For example: collect 10 points and a free meditation opens up for you. Pretty cool, right!?

Massage Services are available.

Swedish massage

Therapeutic massage

Pre-natal massage


60 ($70) & 90 ($100) min massages available. 


Acid Works Tattoo/At peace Mind & Body

5183 Fenton rd, Flint MI 48507

( I have a room inside Acid Works Tattoos)

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