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Breakthrough sessions

Maybe you aren't ready for a long term commitment with me.​

That's fine! Schedule a single breakthrough
session for a little "tune up". 

A breakthrough session can help you: 

  • To get clarity on how to navigate through a difficult situation.
  • To recognize patterns of self sabotage. 
  • To receive guidance to navigate through those hard conversations.
  • To release fear, guilt, or shame about your body, your mindset or you past and future choices. 
  • To feel empowered to trust your intuition

  • To talk through your wants, and needs to get clear on what you really desire. 

  • To establish your healthy boundaries so that you stick to them.

  • To change your mindset when you're in cycle of self criticism.

Together we will choose 1 topic that you feel is holding you back and dive deep into releasing any self limiting beliefs or self sabotage and begin to map out an action plan to create lasting change.

This breakthrough session is a 60-min 1-1 session designed to offer you some clarity

and begin to shift 1 area of your life that you feel stuck in.