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Connecting To Your Divine Wisdom: 90-day Transformation

Together, let's find the Goddess within you, 

ready to be let out. 

Have you ever experienced feelings of shame when 
looking in the mirror or just felt like you weren't good enough?

Women by nature are givers and have a tendency to take care of everyone else and their own health gets put on the backburner. You stop making yourself a priority.

Somewhere along the line, life can catch up and our light is dimmed either by our own doing or by allowing others to seep into our psyche. 

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your responsibilities, we have all had those times in our life where we seem to have lost ourselves. 

Making yourself a priority is something that we, as women, are not used to doing, and when we try? Well then, the guilt sets in but self-care is not something to feel guilty about. When we stop taking care of ourselves we start to lose our health, our own sense of self, our individuality, our fierceness. 

When we stop doing the things that we enjoy, we lose that fire that makes us shine. Once that happens, our inner strength lessens, our confidence & independence fades, and we begin to spew the negative self-talk and question our own worth. 

As we work together we will look at all the parts of your life that drain your energy and begin bringing back those aspects that GIVE you energy. You will learn the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle so you can start shedding those stubborn lbs, regain your confidence, energy and feel comfortable in your own skin again!

You'll also begin the deeper work of identifying triggers and releasing destructive behaviors & traumas that may be keeping you stuck. We will 
begin to nurture those areas back into alignment with your highest self and rekindle that bad-ass Goddess within. 

I lead women into a place of self-love & radical self acceptance. I help them break through the cycle of self sabotage & negative self talk

so they can finally reach their weight-loss goals & feel like the

empowered Goddess they are. 

By giving them the tools to tap into their innate wisdom they can

find their inner Goddess and step into their power. 

If this sounds like you, let's talk. Schedule a Discovery Call with me today.

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On our journey together you will learn how: 

  • To trust your intuition and feel empowered to honor your commitments to yourself.

  • To increase your energy level by creating a food/body connection.

  • Create a mind/body connection in order to be aware of your emotional triggers & handle them like a Goddess.

  • To lose weight in a way that promotes, not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind.

  • To establish healthy boundaries so that you can be free to live your life for YOU and not for others.

  • To communicate your wants, needs & desires so that you can live in your authenticity.​

  • To love yourself in all your messy, chaotic glory.


Free Discovery call 

  • We will get to know each other and create a sense of clarity about the life that you want.

  • Uncover what's been stopping you or slowing you down from achieving what you desire. 

  • Get a step-by-step plan on how to create deep transformational change and move you toward you goals whatever they may be!

1-1 VIP Virtual Coaching

I will guide you through your journey of
self-care, radical self-acceptance & self-love.
Together we will move through the shadows causing negative self talk & self sabotage so that you can power through life as an empowered badass
who accepts chaos & moves through it with mindfulness. 

During each session you will get information curated
to YOU for better understanding. My signature program is meant to lead you through all aspects of your wellness. We will go through visualizations, meditations, & journaling to help the process of deep transformation.


Support doesn't stop just because the session is over. You'll have support between sessions as well. Email, voice message & text support is there when you need it! When "life" happens it's not always perfectly timed so, 
I've got you boo! no worries! 

What is the process?

What if you could feel comfortable in your skin again? What if you could power through life without getting in your own way, and show the world the fierceness inside you? 
You have permission to be yourself in all of your beautifully, flawed,
messy, courageous, glory.

You're my ideal client if...

You feel as if you have tried everything and you're ready to try something new.
You want a more holistic approach to getting healthy & losing weight.
You are tired of fad diets and want something sustainable.
You are ready to fully embrace the Goddess within.
You want to connect with your body and understand what it is telling you.
You are tired of being tired and want your energy back!
You are ready to feel fully empowered to finally live the life you want and deserve!

What Is Coaching​?

Coaching guides you through the process to help shed limiting beliefs. It is working with a client to assess their wellness goals, and working to achieve those goals through habit & mindset change. Together we come up with creative solutions to fit your lifestyle and create lasting change.

Through a series of intentional practices we examine & balance any pre-programming that could be getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself.

I will show you how eating for your unique body can increase your energy & positively affect every aspect of your life. Begin understanding the connection between body & food. Shed that excess weight, become more active and FIND YOUR INNER POWER! Learn how to transform your life one small step at a time.

Love notes from my amazing clients: